Millbrook Methodist Church, Millbrook, Cornwall


In addition to our regular Sunday services, Millbrook Methodist Church can also be used for weddings, services for babies and funeral services.

When you enquire about a special service at Millbrook Methodist Church our first response is always, "Welcome, come and meet us." You can contact us by telephone, by post or by email and we will be very pleased to hear from you. Alternatively, you are very welcome to come along to one of our Sunday morning services at 10:30am. We serve tea/coffee and biscuits after the morning service and you can often arrange an appointment to meet our minister and discuss your plans. We are confident that you will enjoy the service and receive a warm welcome.

This page of the site contains some basic information about weddings, different types of services for babies and funeral services at Millbrook Methodist Church.

A great variety of people approach us about being married in church. A church wedding is more than being married in a church building. We have found that feeling comfortable and at home in the church really does make a difference to your ceremony. People are really much more important than buildings. You are important to us and we would like to meet you.

We do not have complicated rules about who may be married in Millbrook Methodist Church. Either the bridegroom or the bride should normally live in the registration district of Cornwall. If you are not sure about this or you live outside of the area then you can still enquire and we will advise you.

A very common question that people ask is, 'Do you marry people who have been divorced?' There is no simple answer to this question. On the one hand, if couples did not take marriage seriously then they would not be asking to get married in church. On the other hand, if we are to show that we take marriage seriously, then clearly we need to talk to you about your own individual circumstances. We want you to feel that we care about you and about your hopes and dreams for the future.

There are two options available when you enquire about a special service for your baby or child at Millbrook Methodist Church. The Methodist Church is one of many churches that baptises infants (sometimes called 'christening'). We also offer a service of thanksgiving for the birth or adoption of a child. Although we cannot guarantee a particular Sunday we do try to be flexible.

The service of baptism requires parents to make some quite demanding promises. To make the promises sincerely, parents need to think seriously about providing a Christian home, Christian example and Christian upbringing for their child or children. A Christian home is normally a place where the child's Mum and Dad are married (though lone parents can also provide a Christian home). The church expects that the family of a baptised child will attend the church regularly and that the child will grow up to attend the church and one day decide to follow Jesus and be an active Christian.

Some parents are simply thankful for the gift of a child and want to express that in church without making big promises, which they do not feel that they could keep. This is quite an appropriate celebration and we are pleased to offer a service of thanksgiving as an alternative. The most important thing is to know that there is a welcome for you and your child in the church and for you to feel that in whatever service you share you are doing so sincerely. Other parents want to reserve the service of believer's baptism for their child (later in life) and thanksgiving is particularly appropriate for parents who choose this option.

Our minister is available to conduct funerals in our church or at a cemetery or crematorium, and always meets the bereaved family before the funeral to talk about the life of the person who has died and to arrange an appropriate service. We try to offer support for bereaved people in the Millbrook area.