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41 13 Jun 2011 Scott Dumas Calgary, Alberta, Canada Canada
On Thursday June 9th, 2011 my friend Karen and I were literally on our last leg of a very long walk that took us from Cremyll to Rame Point (the site of a barren chapel), the end of the earth it looked like, and back. With 3 miles to go and darkness ascending upon us, we put our thumbs out in an attempt to get a ride back to our car. Revd John Haley was in the second car that came by. He, and his trusty companion, Stan, were kind enough to stop and pick us up.

After dropping Stan off, John not only took us to our car but guided us through the windy narrow streets of the country-side, something I don't experience in Canada, to make the 10pm Torpoint ferry in order to get us to Plymouth. From there, he guided us all the way to Wembury, where we were staying, shook our hands, told us a joke, and blessed us.

Karen and I are both grateful for the kindness that John showed us. To be honest, I am one of those non-believers, but I do believe in good, decent people and helping others. My job in Canada is doing stand-up comedy. My gift to people is to stand in front of people, no matter the venue, the town, or the occasion, and put a smile on people's faces.

I want to thank John and his willingness to take time out of his night and direct us to our destination. He is a great person, with a great heart, and can tell funny jokes himself. On top of that, he is a fantastic single-track, rally-car driver. Thank you for making my trip to England very enjoyable and memorable. Peace from Scott from Canada.
40 26 Jun 2010 Cecile Justin and Gustave Plymouth, United Kingdom United Kingdom
No pain no gain, sometimes a good swim with the local pastor and his better half is what is needed. Interesting chat.
39 6 May 2010 Sue Mann Millbrook, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Nice to talk to you. Sue & Charlie (the Springer)
38 29 Dec 2009 Ray Hadley Millbrook, United Kingdom United Kingdom
We attended, and contributed to, the Christmas Eve Carol Service, the first visit to Millbrook Methodist Church since we arrived here in 2007. Thank you for allowing us into your community and to revisit the best of Christmas. It was 'a breath of fresh air' and blissfully simple (in the best meaning of the word). If only the other events of the religious diary could be so. Maybe they are nowadays. We loved the website.
37 9 Aug 2009 Steph Hart Bolton, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Brilliant website. Loved the history and informative info re: Methodism. I totally agree with everything you say about networking and working together! WWJD! Bless you all - hope to visit one day - Cornwall is our favourite part of the country and we visit lots. God bless!
37 8 Feb 2009 David London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great site, keep working for the Lord, you will be blessed!
36 22 Jan 2009 Skyliner United Kingdom United Kingdom
I wish you every success with your excellent ministry. Here's a promise for all of us...."Always". It's a good thing to keep firmly in mind (especially during a trial) the fact God "Always" answers our prayers. He never forgets, never neglects, and never rejects a prayer request; He "Always" "Always" answers us. He may answer speedily, He may answer in due season, He may even answer with a NO; but He "Always" "Always" answers us. And that's a promise for all of us...."Always". Stay blessed, Skyliner.
35 16 Jan 2009 Tim Hodgetts Oxford, United Kingdom United Kingdom
I enjoyed visiting the church last year and hope and pray that it will continue to be a beacon for the Gospel to the surrounding community. God bless all who minister there.
34 14 Jan 2008 Alan Pugh Adelaide, Australia Australia
What a great website, so glad to see the chapel is still functioning. I was born at 29 New St opposite and was baptised at the chapel. My whole family lived in nos 29 and 30 New St before migrating to Australia in the 1960s. My best wishes go to all involved with the chapel.
33 19 Aug 2007 Jenny Pain Mitcham, Surrey, U.K. United Kingdom
I can't believe that it's 23 years ago this week since John first took us to Millbrook on a youth holiday. We had a fantastic time and weather and fell in love with the church and surrounding areas of Whitsand, Cawsand and Cremyll. It was lovely to visit again last November and share in the Bible Study and Sunday night service. It brought back so many happy special memories. I look forward to visiting again this November and hearing John preach again. As John approches his second year I hope his work continues to flourish.
32 21 Jun 2007 Charles Sparey Bristol, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wonderful new website! :) All the best with the organ restoration. I still have fond memories playing it for services during the late 80s and early 90s.
31 15 May 2007 Maxine Thompson Millbrook, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good idea to have a website!
30 31 Mar 2007 Pat Stead Plymouth, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Soon it will be Easter - a time when we can join together at the home of Brian Roseveare and then with you at Millbrook for your service. May the day go well and may we all be blessed by spending time together. May the Lord bless us at this time.
29 24 Feb 2007 Ian Wales Harwich, United Kingdom United Kingdom
What a great website. I remember the Church from the time I candidated for the ministry from Plymouth Central Hall in 1974/5. And it was good to be shown around by Rev Margaret and Vic before she left to succeed me in the North East last year. John and all of you are in my thoughts and prayers for all that the Lord yet has in store for you in the coming days! Every Blessing, Ian.
28 13 Jan 2007 Pat Stead Plymouth, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Thank you for your wonderful service on Christmas Eve. It was so different from our service at Ridgeway - both were special in their own way. It was lovely to spend time with you and enjoy the "specialness" of your church. May the Lord bless you all in the coming year.
27 8 Jan 2007 Keijo Södertälje, Sweden Sweden
"Your love, O Lord,reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies." Hallelujah again of God´s beautiful goodness and love with peace and harmony, my heart is full of joy and hope in Christ and I will play music and sing to his glory. Help the men that find Christ, pray for powerful revival soon. Thanks and bless and love. Keijo, Sweden.
26 6 Jan 2007 Sandra & Jim Proctor Accrington, United Kingdom United Kingdom
We pray the Lord's Blessing on you all throughout this New Year. You are an inspiration to all!
25 29 Dec 2006 Janet Dobinson Plymouth, United Kingdom United Kingdom
How wonderful to hear that you had 150 people at your Carol Service this year. May God continue to bless the work and witness of Millbrook Methodist church as you embark on another year of service and commitment. Janet.
24 17 Dec 2006 Lynnette Selbie Cawsand, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fourlanesend Community Primary had a wonderful time holding our Christingle service at your church. Thank you for having us and Merry Christmas.
23 15 Dec 2006 Harvey Cawsand, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Happy Christmas from Harvey. Thank you for inviting us to Millbrook Methodist Chapel, we liked the singing and we liked the story. From Fourlanesend School.
22 1 Dec 2006 Brian and Sandy Dyer Millbrook, United Kingdom United Kingdom
What a great website. The photos of Millbrook and the history was very informative. The folk of Millbrook Methodist Church have been so kind and helpful since moving into Millbrook 3 years ago. Brian and Sandy.
21 28 Nov 2006 Steve Wild Bakewell, United Kingdom United Kingdom
What a wonderful inspiring web site. May the Lord Jesus bless you richly in your work and ministry. Steve Wild - Cliff College.
20 27 Nov 2006 Doreen Sparey-Delacassa St. Stephen, Cornwall, U.K. United Kingdom
Congratulations on the new website. Great! Keep up the good work Millbrook. I hope to see you all again during the Christmas season. Millbrook always be 'home': you will always be my 'church family'. It's great to see you are still moving forward. Remember Joshua 1:9. God bless you all. Revd. Doreen Sparey-Delacassa (Cornwall District Evangelism Enabler)
19 24 Nov 2006 Sandra & Jim Proctor Accrington, Lancashire, U.K. United Kingdom
Great web-site for a great fellowship of believers. We remember you with fondness and often reflect on the wonderful times we spent with everyone at Millbrook. We pray God's continued blessing on Rev. John Haley and all the church family, as you continue to go forward in faith. We hope to see you all next summer.
18 23 Nov 2006 Becci and William Cawsand, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Thank you for a great visit to your chapel and showing us around it. We learnt that the cross reminds us that Jesus died.
17 23 Nov 2006 Dan and Millie Millbrook, United Kingdom United Kingdom
To Reverend Haley, Thank you for our exciting trip to your chapel. We learnt about the cross and what it means. From Dan and Milly
16 23 Nov 2006 Nancy and Oliver Cawsand, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Dear Reverend Haley, Thank you very much for the lovely visit it was very interesting. We now have a sheet about the icthus symbol. We liked the lovely music, it was very pretty and we liked looking at the golden bowl and silver cup and bowl.
15 23 Nov 2006 Harvey and Toby Cawsand, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Dear John, Thank you for the visit to the church. We learnt that the Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross. We learnt the cushions were for people to kneel on to pray. From Toby and Harvey.
14 23 Nov 2006 Riley and Heidi Millbrook, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Thank you for a lovely visit to the church. We learnt about the Icthus symbol. We liked your music on the organ.
13 23 Nov 2006 Toni and Rebecca Cawsand, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Dear Rev. Haley, Thank you for a lovely visit at your chapel. We really loved it. We have learned that there is a christening bowl called a Font. From Toni and Rebecca.
12 23 Nov 2006 Lynnette Selbie Fourlanesend, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Dear John, Thank you so much for our visit to your chapel this morning. We enjoyed it very much and we will see you very soon. From Class 2 and Mrs Selbie.
11 1 Nov 2006 Rev. Elaine Rawlings Cheltenham, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great web site. Very privileged to be at the welcome tea for John and family and to see the real expectation among God's Methodist people in Millbrook recently. I continue to pray for you all and the work I feel sure you will do together; that God's might blessing and presence will be with you and His Kingdom grow in Millbrook. Elaine Rawlings.
10 22 Oct 2006 Fran Nimick Edgewood, United States United States of America
It's a pleasure to visit this web-site and thus to "visit" Millbrook from a distance. Having enjoyed observing John work his Christian witness here in New Mexico through auxiliary methods (piano music and football [I'm trying to speak "real" English here]) as well as in straight conversation, I would anticipate that his ministry to Millbrook will be both heart-felt and effective. You all will be in our prayers, that you the congregation and John may be of mutual benefit and blessing.
9 26 Sep 2006 Gill Heaver Plympton, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Love the website! Keep up the good work. May The Lord bless you in all you do.
8 12 Sep 2006 Sue Chambers Belper, United Kingdom United Kingdom
This brings back many memories of a Circuit Youth holiday I helped with - perhaps one of many steps along the way to my being a Minister now!!! God Bless you in all you seek to do. Continue to be faithful and to trust in God for everything and he will reward and bless you. Every blessing. Sue.
7 12 Sep 2006 Dave Martin United Kingdom United Kingdom
You are a great witness to this small community. I look forward to meeting you. Dave Martin, District Evangelism Enabler.
6 6 Sep 2006 Revd John J Richey Plymouth, United Kingdom United Kingdom
What a brilliant website! The visit brought back fond memories of the time I spent with you during my ministerial training. I learned so much from you of what it is to be a welcoming and hospitality church. As John leads you on your continued pilgimage of faith I pray that God's guidance be upon you all. Every Blessing, John.
5 2 Sep 2006 Julie Birkett Weston-super-Mare, U.K. United Kingdom
A warm and welcoming website. May God richly bless you as you seek to share the good news of the gospel amongst the people of Millbrook.
4 2 Sep 2006 Jan Stanbury Winchester, Hampshire, U.K. United Kingdom
It was a great joy to find your website. Our family lived in the village and worshipped in the church from 1900-1950. Albert J. Stanbury attended Sunday School here and grew in the Christian faith - always encouraged and supported by the preachers and congregation at Millbrook. He entered the ministry and served for 40 years in other circuits. We pray that a century on, people's hearts will still be touched by the message they hear at Millbrook Church.
3 1 Sep 2006 Revd John Carne Exeter, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Congratulations on a wonderful web-site, so informative and challenging. Maintaining and developing a true Christian presence in Millbrook is a vital role for you all. You are praying on behalf of those who don't pray, giving thanks to God on behalf of those who take his gifts for granted, these are important things for any church. Yet more than that we pray you will be a place where the Living Lord Jesus is worshipped and loved so that others may come to know and love him also. You may be in the 'forgotten corner of Cornwall' but you are remembered by many and this web-site will expand your prayer team greatly. Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God. Every blessing in your new time working together with John Haley. John Carne, Chairman of Plymouth & Exeter Methodist District.
2 31 Aug 2006 Jenny Pain Mitcham, Surrey, U.K. United Kingdom
What a fantastic user friendly informative website. Millbrook hasn't changed much since John first took about 30 of us on a youth holiday in 1984 and 1986 and we stayed in the church hall and had a fantastic time. I'm so pleased that the Chapel has remained the same with the proper pews etc and shall look forward to visiting in November and hearing John preach there again. I was also privileged to hear John's dad Ray preach too.
1 31 Aug 2006 Janet Dobinson Plymouth, United Kingdom United Kingdom
What a superb website! May God bless you all at Millbrook as you enter a new and exciting phase. May you be a source of fellowship and of inspiration within the village. I'm looking forward to my visit on 24th September. Janet.