This page provides links to some sites that I have designed and also my project websites from the Code Institute Full Stack Web Development diploma course. The templates for all of these sites are bespoke designs built up from scratch to fit the needs of the individual project.

RIDGEWAY METHODIST CHURCH ridgewaymethodist.org.uk

A church website with a considerable amount of content, which makes use of drop-down menus to organise the pages. The template also utilises Joomla! modules in order to give quick access to information about upcoming events, as well as incorporating access to the church's Facebook page.


Plymouth and Devonport Methodist Circuit

This site uses a fading image scroller to showcase the local area on the home page and features a customised Joomla! module to ensure that the contact information can immediately be seen by any visitors.


This is a simple site which features a parchment effect background with a solid area of colour behind the text for ease of reading. The home page text ensures that the most important information is easily accessible.

DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT donttakemywordforit.co.uk

This is a one page personal website, which illustrates how a site with a small amount of text can be kept simple but efficient. A scrolling effect is used for the background, in which the solid bars featuring the text scroll up and down while the background image remains static.

TAMESIS FLUVIUS tamesis-fluvius.co.uk

This site traces a two-week walking holiday along the Thames Path. It incorporates static background images which the blocks of text scroll past, as well as including maps and photo galleries to accompany the written account.

STATIC WEBSITE andrewhstead.github.io/stream-one-project

A static website for a fictional walking group, giving information about routes using the Ordnance Survey's Openspace API. Photo galleries are included and use is made of JavaScript to expand photos and switch between blocks of content.

DATA DASHBOARD the-crucible.herokuapp.com

A data dashboard site which showcases the use of D3, DC and Crossfilter to present information. The data relates to the World Snooker Championship and the visual presentation of the site reflects that theme.

DJANGO PROJECT bibl.herokuapp.com

A site built using the Django framework for Python. The site is based on a fictional sports league and incorporates user registraion, news, game information and a message forum. E-Commerce functionality is included through an online store app and subscription payments, handled by Stripe.